Atlas Reactor is a new kind of PvP battle arena that fuses simultaneous turns with tactical team combat. Rapid-fire turns challenge players to quickly read a constantly changing battlefield, master a wide range of customizable heroes, and coordinate with their team to take down enemies.

Show off your sharp looks (and sharper wits) with the Ultimate Reactor Pack. Get the full game, with its ever-growing roster of Freelancers, competitive Ranked Mode, and custom games, in addition to a huge collection of skins for 16 different heroes, and GG Boosts. On top of that, enjoy exclusive “Golden Age” Skins for all current and future Freelancers!

  • All Freelancers, forever
  • Exclusive “Golden Age” Skins for all Freelancers, forever
  • Ranked Mode
  • Custom Games
  • Emojis (x5)
  • Banner Pack (x3)
  • GG Boosts (x60)
  • Bonus “All Freelancers Pack” Code for a friend
  • Trion Worlds' in-game Loot
    • Trove: Lil’ PuP Ally
    • RIFT: Rampart’s Shield & Asana’s Sword
    • Defiance: Zuki’s Helmet
  • Freelancer Skins:
    • Zuki Moonwalker Skin (x3)
    • Rask Warforged Skin (x3)
    • Aurora Voltaic Skin (x3)
    • PuP Prototype Skin (x3)
    • Grey Untamed Skin (x3)
    • Garrison Prototype Skin (x3)
    • Helio Moonwalker Skin (x3)
    • Lockwood Unforgiven Skin (x3)
    • Nix Loot Suit Skin (x3)
    • Gremolitions Inc. Great War Skin (x3)
    • Titus Untamed Skin (x3)
    • Rampart Centurion Skin (x3)
    • Quark Unobtanium Skin (x3)
    • Asana Hardlight Skin (x3)
    • Oz Jimmy Six Skin (x3)
    • Elle Apocalypse Skin (x3)

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